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Poem Debbie Criggie Daniel Luke Katherine Gladys

Criggie Stuff


IceCYCLES workshop dates
Contact info for IceCYCLES
Temp fix for an ibike idash cover
Traffic/road incidents that I have recorded on camera


Linux links
Linux and the SM200d card and ihug Very Old

Land Rover Series III 1973

Landrover pages
Mileage Calculator Figure out what a single trip costs you. Was a simple exercise in Javascript.


Palm This is so I can download stuff to my spanking new wireless Palm TX without having to find a windows box to hotsync to. Next I need a way of hotsyncing to a linux box running jpilot, but to do it over 802.11 wireless ethernet.
Palm Porteson MP3 player These people produced a nifty mp3 player for the palm M100 and M105, and then promptly fell off the face of the planet. Shinei do not support this unit, so here's the drivers to download. Only works with Win98, does not work with windows XP.

Palm Universal Wireless Keyboard Driver for PalmOS - Model: P10946U

Backstory - I had a hideous time finding the driver for this Infra Red Keyboard for my Palm TX. Finally after trolling through the records of I found one driver in a list of three was available. Even though it says Ge for German, it works perfectly in English for me.

DeleteKeyboard.prc This one is used to delete any existing palm keyboard driver that may have hooked itself into the operating system
Think Outside Palm Here's the "german" driver that worked perfectly on my Palm T|X / TX

explorer Palm Navigator - some kind of GPS software. Can't remember.
gps More Palm GPS software. Can't remember.
sifpda More GPS stuff
Solitare notes My Solitare Notes
syncml_client_goosync.prc No idea what this was either.

GPS Stuff

My page on GPS

m0n0wall and pfSense

m0n0wall home page
pfSense home page
Local m0n0wall box local firewall
pfSense as OpenVPN client and how to NAT traffic to the office
m0n0wall review at TomsHardware
Part 2 of m0n0wall review at TomsHardware
Captive Portal review at TomsHardware


Traceroute via tr.php


Notes on Cacti the PHP graphing app backed by rrdtool
Notes on simple vmware host firewall for host-only networking.

Hardware PC Remote SKU 14380 and mythtv
Alcatel Omnistack Omniswitch 4024
Nokia IP330 firewall, pfSense
NESO LD500V 15" LCD monitor
Dell P1110 21" Trinitron CRT Monitor
DEC Digital AlphaServer 2000 5/300
HP PA RISC model 712/60 workstation
NCD Thinstar 200 300 info
NCD Explora 450 451 700 info
PCA-6751 Single Board Computer SBC info
Symbool PDT Plus

Satellite Receivers

Hook Tech Free to air satellite decoders.


Bluetooth notes and links


Fuji Xerox N32 Workgroup Laser
Hewlett Packard JetDirect 175X print server

Hard Drives

How the 4 Gb Micropolis HDlived again
Why SCSI is cool - two machines on a bus


Linux and DVD ROM drive
Atari Portfolio palmtop
Linux on the Compaq Presario 900
Compaq Concerto
Linux on the Toshiba Libretto 110
Linux on the Toshiba Tecra 530 CDT
Linux on the Toshiba Satellite 4030CDT
Linux on the Dell Latitude L400
Linux on the Dell Latitude CPX


The Total Team
Avonside Girls' High School

Geeks I Know...

Criggie at Work
Craig McKenna (sassinak)
Perry (Isomer) Sam Sargeant - Cuba Street Geek (gone away?)
Sam Cannell (Plaz)
Liz Quilty (wishes)

Space Quest

SQ The Lost Chapter
SQ0 Replicated
SQ Hints


Our home network
Hardware I want to swap for
Trade-Me Auction details
Trade-Me moron #1, LESMAN
Trade-Me moron #2, raulcena
Landrover pages
Webalizer stats for this server
Notes and examples of a budget cycling camera
Meaning of IP ratings for waterproof and dustproofness and impact resistance.

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