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Camshot Camera


Ring Road

This one has been sped up to make it less boring. Recorded at ~50 then 80 km/h from the landy's dashboard. Was recorded in 640x480

Australian Cyclist

I didn't do this one - its a handlebar view of a bike ride, probably from NSW Australia. This one's been done in QVGA iwhich is 320x240.


Came from Torpedo7's cut price outlet One Day for around $70 NZ.


We tried attaching this camera to the boy's kite, but it was too heavy. So we've made a sodding massive kite, just waiting for a nice windy day. The plan is to set the camera recording, then send it up into the sky. We'll put the footage here when that's happened.

Final thoughts

++ Its a cool toy.
-- You will need a memory card
++ Its not so expensive you'll baby it
++ Versatile
-- Not wideangle
-- No battery or disk free status

This file last modified Sunday December 12, 2010

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