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The network consists of a bunch of machines. Currently:
  1. caffeine server
  2. bt server
  3. pfsense firewall
  4. tv mythtv frontend
  5. thionite workstation
  6. debbie laptop
  7. daniel workstation
  8. luke workstation
  9. mac workstation
  10. oxytocin laptop
  11. palm PDAs


Intel E2140 @1.60GHz 2GB, 2.6TB HDD, and a multi port CCTV card running Debian Linux in a desktop case.

2018 update 2018-04-08 What's it called when you do a mass update after 7 years of nothing? Well it looks exactly like this
I'm moving towards using VMs for a lot more stuff. There are three HP DL380 G7 servers, two run xenserver and the other is a freenas storage server. Switching is updated to a couple of HP Procurves, and a Cisco 2960. Caffeine and BT remain for now, but VMs will take over.
Notice the spiffy new UPS in service, and the one on the floor awaiting new batteries? There's another in the pile in the same state.
2018 update And here's the pile - two more G7 servers, an enormous fibre channel SAN, and another APC UPS waiting on batteries.
There's also a 10G Cisco Catalyst 4900 switch, but its very very loud.
This is a terrible mess, but I'm constrained by moving house soon. Hope to post a much better environment and not another 7 years away.
2011 update 2011-12-14 Updated for new case. The old switch is gone, instead I'm using an Alix inside, so now there's one run of cat5 for each server.
2011 update 2011-08-18 Updated for pfSense wallahs. I've bought but not received a new rack case for caffeine, so that'll happen soon. Also waiting for garage to be condemned and replaced due to earthquake damage. At that point I'll put in a dozen runs of cat6 and do away with both switches from here.
2011 update 2011-08-18 What's at the house end of the backbone. Note this is the same cupboard as the 2002 pictures, and the same frame.
Rack mount cases New Rackmount Cases, May 2006. Click for larger images. I have the 12" Wyse VGA screen at the top, with a four port novaview KVM, then my pillaged Compaq server keyboard/mouse. Below that is a 16 port ethernet frame and management rail, then pfsense running on the Nokia IP330. The two rack cases are citalopram 1U, then caffeine 2U, and at the bottom is horse (left), which is the Canterbury LUG's shell server and mythtv backend on the right. Out of shot on the right is my 1.7KVA UPS and a crappy sun brand DDS1 4 tape stacker for backups. Also visable is the home laser printer, a LaserJet 2100 with jetdirect.
New Rack New Rack, November 2004. Click for larger images. The rack itself is thanks to Mike Pearce, UoC Chemistry Department, and used to hold a Data General Nova, probably a Nova 4. I have the 12" Wyse VGA screen at the top, alongside a two port KVM, then my pillaged Compaq server keyboard/mouse. Below that is a 16 port ethernet frame and management rail, then m0n0wall, then behind all the black is caffeine, and at the bottom is horse, which is the Canterbury LUG's shell server. Beside caffeine is the newish 650 VA UPS.
Since the photo was taken I've bridged two ports on m0n0wall and added a small switch.
Face view The face-view of a cupboard-mounted server. At the top is a micronet ethernet switch in a small 19" frame. Below that is the server proper, then a 12" Wyse branded VGA monitor. This dates from when the server was in a cupboard inside the house.
Oblique view An oblique shot to show perspective, and that the tray really is rail-mounted. This dates from when the server was in a cupboard inside the house.
plan view A vertical view downwards on the server. On the left is the mainboard, with PCI cards clearly visible. The parallel, USB, and PS/2 ports are not well supported, but no ATX case provides any more support. This dates from when the server was in a cupboard inside the house.

Uptime graph(thanks to Netcraft)

latest dmesg text
routing table


bt started life as a bittorrent host. It lived on another IP so I could shape the traffic. Since then I reused the box as a mythtv backend.

2006 P3 866, four 40 Gb IDE drives, 512 Mb ram, two Hauppauge PVR-150 tuner cards. 4 RU case

2011 Intel E2140 @1.6GHz, 790GB HDDs, 2GB ram, one Hauppauge PVR-150 tuner card, one technisat skystar2 and one TeVii S420 in a 4 RU case


pfSense is the new firewall. It grew out of m0n0wall and does some cool stuff like Dual WAN, loadbalancing, OpenVPN and IPSEC, CARP etc etc. Currently a Compaq SFF desktop with a P3 @500 MHz and 512 MB ram. Also has 6 interfaces but I only use three.

More details at


Mythtv dedicated frontend. Uses a PCIe NVidia card to interface with a LCD TV via HDMI.


similar machine

My laptop changes occasionally. It was a P166MMX with 160 Mb ram and two batteries, dual-booting Linux or Win98. Theres a separate page available here on installing Linux on this machine.

Then it was a Toshiba Satellite 4030 CDT with a Celeron 300 CPU, 192 Mb ram, and a 27 Gb drive again running linux or win98. Theres another page on this laptop at /laptop/satellite4030cdt/

Then its a Dell Latitude L400 with a PIII 700 CPU, 256 Mb ram, and a 27 Gb drive again running debian linux or (rarely) windows XP. Theres a page on this laptop at /laptop/dellL400/

Briefly I had an HP nx5000 laptop that was work's, so I sold mine on trademe. A month later I left that job, and my laptop install migrated into a desktop.

2011 Intel E6300 @2.80GHz with 4GB ram, 1TB single HDD, running Debian and using KVM to run a couple of virtuals.


Celeron 2.4?, Windows XP

72 Gb IDE HD, 512 Mb ram, NVidia GeForce2 MX200, 17" Philips CRT

Also it has a wireless mouse.

This machine started life as a microATX or "microflexatx" Gateway branded PC. Then the on-board video card shat itself. The mainboard was non-standard and didn't take a normal microATX board. So now it is in a new standard case, with a standard motherboard, and a standard AGP nVidia video card. The morals are

  1. Don't buy Gateway desktops.
  2. Don't use on-board video cards for home machines.

Now its an ex-lease Dell laptop running XP.


2006 - P3 1GHz, 512 Mb, 36 Gb HDD, Debian Linux/Windows XP, 17" Gateway CRT.

This machine was deafening when I first assembled it. So I bought a Zalman "Flower" cooler and a couple of Vantec "Stealth" case fans from Ascent Computers in Wellington. The product arrived in 25 hours, from another island; that is Service!


2010 - P4 2.8GHz, 1GB, 36 Gb HDD, XP or Debian

This is Luke's computer. .


20 inch imac

Apple imac - 20" aluminium

Hand-me-down macintosh computer - works really well given the life it had. Used as a shared desktop


901 in white

Asus 901 eeePC netbook

Atom CPU at up to 1.6GHz, 1GB ram, 12GB flash disk, and a 9" monitor. Running Debian and sometimes XP home. Awesome battery life.

Palm TX

Palm TX

We have two Palm TX PDAs since 2006, so they are about 6 years old now - they work fairly well and have given good service. Used for ebooks, contacts and all that.

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