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Breaking News....

My wonderful wife bought GF8434 for me, a series 3 from 1973. That makes it older than me by about three years.

Trademe auction or pdf
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Tall Person Changes

Being tall, I've had to change some minor things.

Fuel Costs

The motor is a Holden 6 cylinder and runs on LPG or petrol.
So far the worst tank has returned 15.11 MPG and the best tank was 20.2 MPG.
In December 2006, LPG is 92c/L whereas petrol is $1.42/L.
Since the engine rebuild, its returned 9.5 MPG at worse, and 14.3 MPG at best. Not so good.
In 2009 petrol is $1.57/L and LPG is $1.29/L so its not quite as good as it used to be.
June 2010 petrol is $1.75/L and LPG is $1.25/L slight improvement.

To Do...

    ...before I go off-road

  1. DONE Install tow hooks, front and rear
  2. DONE Bolt or rivet the fire extinguisher down.
  3. HALF DONE Waterproof it more - both replace the rubber seals on all three doors, and to fill all the holes with bolts or grommits. Back door is done and used about 3.2 linear metres.... thus stuff is $15 a metre from Para etc, and you need some special glue to stick it down.
  4. DONE Waterproof the distributor and coil some more. Seems this problem has solved itself somehow.
  5. DONE Fit this snorkel DONE
  6. DONE Complete the first-aid and tool kits.
  7. DONE Get a PRS radio that works.
  8. DONE Get a tow rope or two, and shackles. Got a 30M tow strap, a 4.5M rope, 1M rope, snatch block, junky old highlift jack and a snig chain so far. Looking for a real highlift jack and/or a hand winch.

    ...real soon

  9. Learn to weld... BUGGER!!!
  10. DONE Fix the water leak - Wynns radiator stopleak is good stuff. Got the radiator cleaned in Jan 2008, and despite being "last legs" and a recore recommended, its still running fine. Pressure tested to 15 PSI.
  11. DONE Speedo panel light - the speedo was not connected to negative earth. Reconnecting it to two floating wires fixed that (and eliminated two floating wires in the back rats nest.)
  12. DONE Fix the speedo - during the above fix I unscrewed the speedo cable. Everything reconnected fine. However now its reading 60 mph at about 20 mph, and can read anything up to 30 when stopped dead. Also it tends to make a speed-dependant tak-tak noise. Speedo has now died completely... the needle did a full turn of the dial and is now stuck on 0 mph at any speed. This is now a warrant failure so gotta fix it. Speedo Link DONE Got it properly rebuilt by Parretts for $100.
  13. DONE Odometer underreads distance by 0.76 - needs recalibration for tyre size.
  14. DONE Side light was not going - first thought that rust on connectors was interfering and bought two new sidelights from trademe for $20 each. Later found that a bullet connector near the horn had failed. Recrimping that fixed the problem.
  15. DONE Straighten and paint front bumper - someone had used a chain or rope around the bumper to tow/be towed. After banging it straight, found the bumper was made from two pieces and joined at the starter hole which was ragged. Moved the licence plate to cover the hole which can't be used with the holden anyway.
  16. Waterproofing - the landrover cannot keep oil in or water out. So here are all the water leaks to fix.


  17. DONE Carpet the middle panel - the suicide seat came out because it has no seat belt, so I wouldn't let anyone sit there anyway. Also seal the hatch a bit better.
  18. DONE Middle seat went back in cos I needed to carry two passengers. I've had a lap belt and harness fitted thanks to Michael Fiddymont. Works great (but my 3 y/o can sometimes kick the gearstick out of second or fourth)
  19. Add an interior light that works.
  20. DONE Add these side mirrors.
  21. Mount spare wheel better
  22. DONE Do something with the passenger's seatbox... its an empty void at the moment and could be a good storage spot. I've sealed it with paint-on sealant, and have stored some heavier tools there, like the bottle jack and ring spanners etc. Its a bit hard to get into with the passenger's seat in the way.
  23. Clean/replace the side back windows - they have a weird bloom discolouration. Turns out they're delaminating with age.
  24. DONE Head job - had a burned valve on cylinder 5... had the head cleaned up professionally.
  25. DONE Right/Driver's doortop replace. I slammed the door getting in, and one of the two doortop bolts fell off. There's nothing there to weld to, so I ended up getting a new doortop frame for $140 and fitting new homemade window track, and transferring the glass over. Note - the yellow undercoat on the aluminium is only transport protection. You should remove it completely before painting, else it peels in a couple of weeks. Bugger!
  26. Install this front drive-shaft $46. Got to clean it up and paint it nicely first. The old one was loose in the sliding splines.
  27. DONE There were too many things on the battery's positive terminal. So I made this out of a scrap of aluminium angle. Its got some big and small bolts for different lugs, and a small blade fuse block for other things. I want to redo this because its a bit exposed.
  28. DONE Front bonnet/breakfast seal - the old one was deteriorating, and a replacement one was quit expensive. So I used a bit of the leftover rubber seal from the back dor and glued it down. Works fine, stops the bonnet rattling at speed.
  29. DONE Ciggy lighters, two of. Used to power the cameras, and one spare for cell phone charging or whatever. I don't have a lighter. The switch above turns them on even when the motor is off, so it could be possible to run the battery flat. I've left the camera+screen on for 8 hours while at work, and it still starts fine though.
  30. DONE I got annoyed because every modern car has a clock. So I made one out of a $6 "craft clock" from jaycar and the shell of my dead temperature gauge. Works fine, fits the space perfectly. The clock is powered by a AA battery so its not on the car's electrics. The backlight works at night too. Its a bit of a mission to change the time though.
  31. DONE Dashcam! More details on this at
  32. DONE I accidentally folded my driver's door back... it came open while backing down the driveway, and caught a post on the fence. The hinges were fine, but their mounts had become bent. And since the door had rust in it anyway, was time for a replacement. This door bottom cost me $25, and with a couple licks of paint looks totally perfect.
  33. DONE I found these driving lights at the supershed for $2. One worked fine, and the other needed a new lamp. As practice for when I do the main headlights, I decided to use a relay.
  34. DONE The little disk horn died... it just didn't work one day. So I bought this twin airhorn, and mounted the horns just behind the grille. They're bright red but aren't particularly visible. The compressor and relay are mounted straight behind. This is a loud horn, but not particularly deep. Next time I'd get a longer lower note.
  35. DONE Nokia CARK-91 which I bought for $10 off trademe. The control box is inside the dash, and the remote speaker and mike are on opposite sides (too close leads to feedback.) To be honest I rarely use it, but the booster aerial helps when off-road, and at extreme coverage this stops the battery draining so fast.
  36. DONE I have four of these in the back - bolted through the wheel wells. They're just drawer handles with dangly rings I bought at Bunnings for a few bucks. But they're welded and work well.
  37. DONE My wipers were sloppy, so I replaced them. The most expensive bit is the little knurled knob on the axle - they're $30 each! I was fortunate to get the arms from a cleanout "somewhere"


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