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[plaz] Criggie: Terminals arrived... just played with one of the thinstars, and it's the most 31337 thing since sliced hax0r. =D

This file is to explain the method I used to get a NCD Thinstar 300 working.

NCD Documentation

NEW ThinStar 200 Glossy PDF
ThinPATH Manager Release Notes PDF
ThinPATH Operating Software release notes PDF
ThinPATH Software Installation Guide PDF
Thinstar 300 Install Guide PDF
Thinstar 300 System Administrators Guide PDF
Thinstar 300 Users Guide PDF
Recovering a corrupted thinstar via TFTP PDF
Thinstar Operating System Windows EXE - faster link below. To request a ThinPATH Manager evaluation key, contact Customer Care Center at

Thinstar Operating System faster. To request a ThinPATH Manager evaluation key, contact Customer Care Center at
Thinstar 200 HOWTO


Booting Up
Logging in to a Win 2000 Terminal Server via RDP
Rear of unit
Insides of unit

You need the following items:

  1. NCD Xterminal.
  2. Either a Unix server running
  3. OR a Windows Terminal Server
  4. OR a Citrix Server

Eeprom Config

The unit needs to know what sort of monitor you have plugged in, and what capabilities the Xserver should use. To do this, boot the Thinstar and press F2 after it has finished booting.

Random Notes

Here's a list of random stuff:



Glen Cogle, Bankprint
Sam "Plaz" Cannell, for the quote

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This file last modified Saturday January 27, 2007

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