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Info on the HP 712/60 PA/RISC workstation

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PDF Docs

  • Service Manual PDF
  • Technical Reference Manual PDF


  • PA RISC and Linux HOWTO


  • Tech Specs and ratings

    Operating Systems

  • HP-UX version 9 to version 11
  • HP-UX 11
  • Debian - The only linux distro with hppa.
  • debian-hppa home page.
  • 75 Mb ISO for booting PA RISC box You need a SCSI CDROM drive, and an ethernet connection to the net to finish the install
  • How To Install Debian on PA RISC


    This machine requires a Sync-on-Green capable monitor, as opposed to the standard PC TTL Sync monitor. Sometimes a TTL monitor will work, but you'll see a severe green cast to the entire display.

    These monitors are known to have a SOG mode:

    Monitor resoltion setting problems...

    I screwed up and set the monitor resolution to something the monitor couldn't handle. Indeed, the best monitor in the place still couldn't deal with the resolution I'd set. So how to fix it? Boot the RISC box and press TAB. I don't know how many seconds after pressing power you should wait - but pressing tab dozens of times lets you cycle through all the resolutions available. Not the best user interface HP, but workable. The up shot - don't guess your monitor's capabilities!

    Whats it running?

    Yes - the HP PA RISC machine lives again. After being unable to log into HP-UX 9 I simply attached a SCSI cdrom drive and installed GNU/Linux, specifically the distro known as Debian. I used version 3.0 which is currently classed as stable. Debian is the only linux distro for hppa that currently exists. You can download the netinstall CD from the link above.


    A word to the wise - if you intend to dual-boot linux and HP-UX you're best to have a separate hard drive for each OS. They don't play nice together.

    Port scan against Linux

    Here's the output of a portscan run against a linux install on the PA RISC box.

    socks:~# nmap -O
    Starting nmap 3.27 ( ) at 2003-08-18 13:29 NZST
    Interesting ports on
    (The 1614 ports scanned but not shown below are in state: closed)
    Port       State       Service
    9/tcp      open        discard
    13/tcp     open        daytime
    22/tcp     open        ssh
    25/tcp     open        smtp
    37/tcp     open        time
    111/tcp    open        sunrpc
    113/tcp    open        auth
    515/tcp    open        printer
    1024/tcp   open        kdm
    Remote operating system guess: Linux Kernel 2.4.0 - 2.5.20
    Uptime 2.887 days (since Fri Aug 15 16:12:31 2003)
    Nmap run completed -- 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 6.881 seconds

    /proc entries

    The PA RISC box running Linux is weird-as... Almost all the /proc entries contain something other than what the x86 linux geek expects. Check some of them out here...

    fbset -iv

    Web browsers

    The only web browser I found for hppa that works is dillo. Netscape/mozilla/konqueror/chimera2 don't work, and IE/opera aren't even available in the right variants.

    This file last modified Sunday January 23, 2005

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