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Stuff from: Debbie Criggie Daniel Luke Katherine Gladys

Pics for Auctions by Criggie and Debbie

Please refer to this page for stuff I want.

Current Items

None at the moment My trademe listings

Still to set up

  • 20-25 cisco 837 ADSL routers, no power supplies

    Sold Stuff

    SOLD Sun SparcStation 4 5 and 20
    SOLD Pre-configured m0n0wall firewall - suit cable or DSL user.
    SOLD RBC11 APC replacement battery pack for APC UPS. New and unused.
    SOLD 256 Mb PC133 SODIMM memory for a laptop. Not DDR ram - probably suit a machine around 500-1000 MHz
    SOLD Original Windows 3.1 on 5.25" 1.2 Mb disks.
    SOLD Tandberg SLR-24 12/24 Gb tape drive and 8 tapes
    SOLD Two Extended Apple keyboards - the sort with function keys on the top and a proper inverted T of arrow keys.
    SOLD Picture 1 Picture 2 Apple Stylewriter II inkjet. Comes with Apple serial cable and almost brand new cartridge (done maybe five pages total.) Also has manual and power cord. Not really suitable for newest macs.
    SOLD Picture 1 Picture 2Picture 3 Picture 4IEEE-1394 firewire memory card reader. Does both Compact Flash/Microdrive and Smart Media cards. Doesn't seem to require an external PSU - its bus powered. Untested due to lack of firewire and memory card.
    SOLD Baby bouncer
    SOLD Medela Electric Breast Pump
    SOLD IDE Syquest EZ Drive Untested
    SOLD Collectable antique Ericsson rotary phone Swedish made, made in 1960s
    SOLD Collectable antique transistor radio National dual wavelength radio, owned by my great grandfather.
    SOLD Toshiba Laptop P166 MMX, 160 Mb ram, 4 Gb HDD, two floppy drives, CDROM, two batteries, PSU, and port replicator.
    SOLD External PS/2 Numeric Keypad Doesn't appear to work on any machine I've tried it on.
    SOLD Lexmark Optra S 1855 laser printers one sold, one available.
    SOLD TV Tuner Card seems to be based on BT878 chipset, no drivers, haven't made it work in linux or win98. End of card.
    SOLD IDE Zip Drive, 100 Mb
    SOLD Apple external floppy drive
    SOLD 64 Mb SO DIMM laptop ram used in Celeron 300 laptop.
    SOLD SCSI PowerSCSI Plug - a 50 pin centronics blocker that allows you to add or remove SCSI devices further down the chain without powering down. Software for Mac, but I've used the same on a PC.
    SOLD Tai Chi Tapes Beginner and Intermediate.
    SOLD Gutted shell from Macintosh Classic Good for fishtank or inserting a mini-ITX board.
    SOLD Logitech Quickcam 3000 Does not appear to work.
    SOLD IBM PCMCIA Modem 2400/9600, with plastic case and dongle. Uses normal phone cable.
    SOLD PMC Combo LAN/Modem PCMCIA card 33.6 K modem and 10 Mbit ethernet. Comes in box with both cables.
    SOLD Woodsman Insert Fireplace, flue, cowling
    SOLD Reader's Digest "At Home With French" four audio tapes
    SOLD Syquest EZ Drive
    SOLD Securicor3net Series 1800 ISDN Router
    SOLD 25x ISA sound cards
    SOLD Asante 24 port 10 Mbit hub
    SOLD Compaq? Megahertz laptop modems
    GIVEN AWAY Allied Telesyn Fibre Optic NICs
    SOLD Gateway MicroATX case and NIC
    SOLD Takacom 4 extension PABX
    SOLD PC 8255 IO card Pic1 Pic2
    SOLD A/D D/A IO card
    SOLD Nokia 918 case
    SOLD 6x Mac floppy drives, unknown condition
    SWAPPED Sony XO-7 Amplifier
    SOLD Nokia 5110
    SOLD Alcatel One-Touch DB
    SOLD Dlink DWL-500 PCI Wireless card
    SOLD Compaq Prosignia 1000 server
    REUSED HP PA RISC Workstation 712/60 64Mb ram, 16 Mb Video Ram, 1 Gb SCSI drive, Ethernet. Currently has Debian installed and running. Philips 15" Sync On Green capable monitor with speakers.
    SOLD Compaq Concerto Tablet Laptop
    SOLD Atari Portfolio
    SOLD Compaq Prosignia 500, P150 with 114 Mb ram and 4x2Gb scsi drives
    SOLD Compaq Prosignia 500, P150 with 128 Mb ram and 3x4Gb scsi drives
    SOLD ATX Socket 7 motherboard, Intel P166 CPU, and 64 Mb of ram
    SOLD Newish ATX case/PSU, PII 266, BX board
    SOLD 60 Mb IDE 2.5" laptop hard drive, Conner CP2061
    SOLD Stacks of small 3.5" drives, from 100 Mb to 1 Gb

    This file last modified Saturday October 27, 2012

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