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Laptop Specifications and Linux this page is almost here now

The Toshiba Foomatic Laptop and Linux



This is the hardware:

More details will be added over time. Any queries - email me from this mailer page


Not Working Yet

These are the niggles I haven't fixed yet... Always work in progress

  1. Nothing


Audio is working - the controller uses the 12345 device, which is supported by the foo module, in kernel 2.6 and later.

The speakers are poor and really only suited to bingbong noises... use headphones for any real work.


USB is working fine.


Never managed to save this file. I believe the driver is called "chips"

Output of dmesg

Never managed to save this output.

Other Interesting Stuff

Part Numbers related to this machine

Some of these are international part numbers, some will be localised. If you know more email me!

Part # Description
PA1247EA Base Laptop (NZ model)
PA2039U 16MB RAM Module
PA2043U 32MB RAM Module
PA2044U 64MB RAM Module
BC7515 Nylon carrying case With side pocket, handle and shoulder strap
PA2451U Secondary battery pack (w/AC adaptor)
PA2609U Select-Bay 2GB Second Hard Disk Drive
PA2611U FDD Attachment Case Allows floppy drive to be used outside laptop.
PA2710U Desk Station V Plus This is the bigger of the two expanders. Provides a CRT stand, and some quantity of normal PCI/ISA slots for plugging desktop components into.
PA2713U Enhanced Port Replicator II This port replicator is intended to sit on your desk, permenantly plugged into your extermal monitor/peripherals. This cannot be powered by the laptop's batteries. Provides
  1. two more double-height Cardbus PCMCIA slots
  2. Microphone socket
  3. Speaker socket
  4. Line In socket
  5. Line Out socket
  6. Volume knob on the right side
  7. Separate PS/2 keyboard and mouse
  8. 9 pin Serial port
  9. Joystick port
  10. Power-in socket (uses AC adapter)
  11. VGA Video
  12. Parallel
  13. Kensington security attachment point
  14. Unknown button under release lever.
Mine is powered off the standard wall adapter - it doesn't have a built-in adapter which makes it somewhat useless.
PA2656U Extra user swappable floppy disk drive for Desk Station V Plus
PA3049U-1ACA Universal AC adaptor

More details will be added over time. Any queries - email me from this mailer page

This file last modified Friday July 14, 2017

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