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Linux on Toshiba Libretto 110 HowTo

this page will never change

The short of it is, my Toshiba Libretto 110 was stolen before I ever received it.

Libretto 110 Libretto 110 Libretto 110
Click for bigger image.

This is the hardware

More details will be added over time. Any queries - email me from this mailer page


Good lifesize picture of unit
Port Replicator Assembly diagram
Port Replicator Assembly diagram index
Libretto Assembly diagram
Libretto Assembly diagram index
Main Components (Japanese)
Line Diagram - PC Card Adapter
Line Diagram - Port Replicator


Press Release (doc)
Press Release (pdf)
Linux on Libretto
Linux on Laptop's Toshiba page
Add a PS2 mouse to the Libretto
How to fix Sticky Mouse problems
External Libretto Battery
Make a power plug for the L100

Audio USB Dock /proc/cpuinfo /proc/interrupts lspci lsmod dmesg

This info is not available here because I've never seen the machine

Any queries - email me from this mailer page

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