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Cost of a motor trip

Mileage Calculator

What does that car trip cost?
Calculate how much a car trip costs, based on distance, pump price, and efficiency.
UK Gallons used in this exercise

Length of Journey (km): Length of Journey (miles):
Pump price ($/L) Pump price ($/G)
Efficiency km/L Efficiency MPG
Total Cost of your journey: $
Your car gets litres/100 km.

  • You need to calculate the efficiency of your car, and how you drive. Best way to do that is to fill the tank completely and note the mileage on your odometer, then drive normally until your tank is approching empty. Fill up again and note the mileage and the amount of fuel that was added (on the pump display.) Then complete this form:
    Odometer (before km)
    Odometer (after km)
    Fuel Added (litres)
    Efficiency (km/L)
    Efficiency (MPG)

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