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Just about the easiest debian install ever...

I have a bunch of scanner servers running debian stable (woody) They are all P100-P200 spec PC with a SCSI card and a SCSI scanner attached. I've got to get a fourth one ready so here's the process I used...

  1. boot debian off floppy (Debian Stable disks)
  2. go through installation (partition drive how you want it)
  3. After network is installed
  4. Press Alt-F2 to go to second virtual console
  5. modprobe nfsd
  6. /etc/init.d/nfs-common start
  7. /etc/init.d/portmap start
  8. Mount another similar machine's / to /mnt
  9. cp -a /mnt/[A-o]* /mnt/[q-z]* /target Thats everything but proc
  10. wait while everything is copied
  11. mkdir /target/proc
  12. edit /target/etc/fstab if partition layout is different between old and new machine
  13. edit /target/etc/hosts and change machine name
  14. edit /target/etc/hostname and change machine name
  15. edit /target/etc/mailname and change machine name
  16. edit /target/etc/modules if the network card is different to the source machine
  17. Flip back to Virtual Console 1
  18. Debian installer should now offer "Make system bootable" / "Make Boot Floppy" option. Go ahead like normal.

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