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Last Updated: 2002 04 07

Many Congratulations go to Paula Hill who delivered Jay David Hill-Cattermole on 21 March 2002. He is 7lbs 11oz, 55cm long, and was born at Christchurch Womans' Hospital by Caeserian section. View Picture


Graduation Photos are HERE! If you can name the person in a photo, please send an email to me. Sadly there isn't a photo of each graduate. Click here for interum directory of photos


Grant Wooding (see Example)
Debbie Chapman
Heather Mackay
Tricia Cavill
Jeannie Lefebvre
Carol Parker
Katherine Falconer
Melanie Harris
Melina Laredo
Diane Haugh
David Rusbatch
Robyn Bain
Beth Beaver
Pilar Fernandez
Tanya Ewart
Paula Hill Updated
Julie Cumberpatch
Kerri Barrott
Johanna Rhodes (nee Coman) Updated twice
Hollie Buxton
Kathy Scott
Skye Eggelton
Rose Smillie
Shirley Thompson Updated
Katy Pugh
Debbie Diedrichs

Stephanie Abbott
Jo Riddle
Deanna Malcolm
Sara Egnelius
Annie Andrews
Dean Balloch
Katherine Pluck
Annalise Olsen
Amy Nicholson
Christina Warren
Kirsty Shipston
Anna Hardiman
Cate Barlow Updated
Rick van den Berg
Bianca Laird
Angela Goulden
Jessica Dobson
Kara Summers
Sally Yarwood
Charlotte Overton
Bryan O'Byrne
Manjula Deo
A-J. Gavin
Catherine Lord
Di Moody

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Hot Tips

This section contains information on which shops offer a discount to nurses etc. If you know something that the rest of us don't, please email webmaster with the form below.

  • Westpactrust Nurses (Government employees) Reduced interest on loans. Additionally, you can transfer your student loan to them, interest is charged on a sliding scale: 1% for first yr - 2% second year etc.... The package is called easy access, worth checking out! - Grant Wooding
  • PSIS is an investment society specifically for government employees, and is worth considering against other banks - webmaster
  • Don't run with sissors - Marge Simpson


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