Welcome to my first wepage.

This is what we learned on the second day of my course.

HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) is the standard markup language for creating Web pages. It describes the structure of a web page. It consists of a series of elements. The elements tell the browser how to display the content.

I have used a number of different elements on this page. This first section is written using the h(heading) settings.

There are 6 different predefined heading formats. However, you can specify the size in the header element. But we have not looked at this yet.
Each predefined header has a different font size.

The lines above, and below, are using the hr element. It inserts a line in the page like a pagebreak.

This section I use the paragraph setting(p).

HTML paragraphs are different from wordprocessing documents where you add a blank line between paragraphs.

HTML will ignore blank lines!

Each paragraph element 'must' have an opener and a closer, as HTML does not know how to read blank lines.

Every web page has a home page. This is always called index.html

Below we look at lists

This ordered list shows the three different types of lists.

  1. Ordered list - ol - shows items numbered.
  2. Unordered list - ul - shows items with bullet points.
  3. Menu - menu - shows items with bullet points.

This menu list is a list of the first three roads to take to get from ARA to home.

  • Barbados street
  • Brougham street
  • Dunns crossing road
  • This is unordered list of what would be really nice to have for dinner tonight

    That is what I learned in class today.

    Day 2, added hyperlinks

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