About Malteo Winery Limited.

Smiling older couple holding glasses of red wine

Malteo Winery is a small boutique family-owned winery in Blenheim.

We are renowned for our high quality white wines, in particular our multi-award winning Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris, lovingly created from hand harvested grapes on our large vineyard in Marlborough on the beautiful South Island of New Zealand.

Our wines are exclusively available at:

Our premesis 341 Taylor Pass Road, Taylor Pass, Blenheim 7201.

Shop hours are:

                Monday – Friday 11.30 – 2.30pm

                Saturday and Sunday 11.30-4.30pm

Our online store

A small number of botique stores:

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Female hands holding wine bottle and two glasses. Pouring wine in to glasses. Backdrop is mountains and lake.

We have regular tours of our winery and vineyard where you can explore and learn about our unique approach, which blends traditional French winemaking with Kiwi innovation. Followed by wine tasting and lunch at our Wine Kitchen.

We look forward to meeting you

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