This is all about my Gardening efforts.

I occasionally update this site, come back to check for more updates.

My garden is forever changing. It is a great project, because there is always something needing to be done.
This is just what I have done in the last month.
This photo is of my back yard.

Feb 2012

I wanted more space to grow veges, and less space to mow.
I began with building a fencing surround for the new garden with bits and pieces stashed around the property.
Why do I need a fence? you ask. well, because my dog loves to eat dirt and food scraps.

Next, I needed to remove the grass.

I moved the grass to here, to fill in the shallow spots which now flood since the earthquakes.

Had to dig it all over to soften it up. Then put in compost. Plantes lots of seedlings and ta-da

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